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May 2020

Maintain Focus on the Supernatural

“Maintain Focus on the Supernatural” by Justin Reese. Sunday Morning Service

Trouble in The World

“Trouble in The World” by Pastor Dave Hawley, Wednesday Evening Service

We are the Army of God

“We are the Army of God” by Pastor Dave Hawley. Sunday Morning Service

Good to Sacrifice

“Good to Sacrifice” by Pastor Dave Hawley, Wednesday Night Service

Faith Gets Results

Sunday Morning Service at CLC.

God is the Light

“God is the Light” by Pastor Dave Hawley, Wednesday Night Live Stream

Love and Honor Your Mother

“Love and Honor Your Mother”  by Pastor Dave Hawley, Sunday morning Mothers Day Live Stream

Overcoming Storms of Life

“Overcoming Storms of Life” by Pastor David Hawley, Wednesday Night Service Live Stream . 

Praise to the Lord

“Praise to the Lord” from Live Stream by Pastor R. David Hawley. Sunday Morning Live Stream

April 2020

Delight yourself in the word

“Delight yourself in the word” by Pastor R. David Hawley, Wednesday Night Live stream service