Pastor R. David Hawley, Pastor, CLC

December 2018

God is a Giver

December 19, 2018  Wednesday Night Service

Jesus is The Light

December 16, 2018 Sunday Morning Service

Do Not Fret

2018 Wednesday Night Service


2018 Sunday Morning Service.  Pastor Hawley speaks about Salvation after the CLC Choir Christmas presentation (Not included in the recording).  His message includes a Prayer of Salvation for all who do not know if they are going to Heaven.

Attacks Cannot Stop You

2018 Wednesday Night Service

Giving is a Blessing

2018 Sunday Morning Service – To view the video referenced at the beginning of the sermon, please go to:

November 2018

No More Bondage

2018 Wednesday Night Service

Thanking the Lord Part 3

2018 Sunday Morning Service

Thanking the Lord Part 2

2018 Wednesday Night Service – Thanksgiving Eve

Thanking the Lord Part 1

2018 Sunday Morning Service with Communion.  Includes the Words of the Lord received by Pastor Hawley.