The mission of Christian Life Church is to develop successful Christians of all people. Our commitment is to promote the teaching and preaching of the Word of God, worship, evangelism, prayer and Christian fellowship.

Christian Life Church emphasizes victory through the Word of God, healing and health, overcoming, and the joy of the Lord.

We invite you to grow with us and become a part of the vision.


Christian Life Church offers a variety of weekly services, Bible studies and ministries for every individual and family.


  • 9:25am - Intercessory Prayer
  • 10:00am - ADULT SERVICE
    • Nursery - 9:45am
      • Newborn to Three Year olds
    • Preschool - 10:00am
      • Three Year olds through Preschool (Must be Potty Trained)
    • Superkids Academy (Will be dismissed from service)
      • First Grade through Sixth Grade (Ages 6-12)
    • Youth (Will be dismissed from service)
      • Seventh Grade to College


  • 6:25pm - Intercessory Prayer
  • 7:00pm - ADULT SERVICE
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