DVD 8-Week Teaching 

By Lisa Bevere
Facilitated by Pastor Marcia Hawley
Thursdays at 7pm in the CLC Fellowship Hall
June 7, 14 & 28
July 5, 12 & 26
August 9 & 16
Please sign up in the Church foyer if you plan to attend.


WEEK #               DATE                     TOPIC(s)

     1                     June 7                  Awaken a Lioness 
                                                         A Force Unseen
     2                     June 14                Dangerously Awake
     3                     June 28                The Sum of Fear and Wonder
     4                     July 5                    Strength is for Service
     5                     July 12                  Under the Same Mission
     6                     July 26                  Greet and Groom
                                                          Lionesses are Strategic
     7                     August 9                Lionesses Live in the Light and Hunt in the Dark
     8                     August 16              Walking with a Lion
                                                          From a Whisper to a Roar
Book and Workbook available for purchase in the Church Bookstore.
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